Individual Intercultural Competence Coaching

Are you interested in becoming a more effective leader in an increasingly diverse and complex world? I will provide intercultural competence coaching services that will help you to develop the skill to effectively discern and navigate the variety of relationships, cultures, and places you engage with everyday.  

We will take an individualized design approach, focusing on your goals and objectives, to create a plan to deepen your intercultural competence and other leadership skills, and put your plan into action.  

Organizational Intercultural Competence Development Facilitation and Training

Are you interested in a more inclusive and equitable organizational culture? I will take a collaborative approach, working with you and your team to create a plan to help your organization meet its goals. I will provide training and facilitation to support your organization to reflect on and examine your shared values, principles, patterns of behavior, and work toward your goals for organizational change. This may include action learning teams, work groups, and training workshops focused on developing cultural self- and other-awareness.